Potato pancake buffet

Be part of the “Reibekuchenenzauber” and experience the crispiest, heartiest and “roundest” event of the year – our unique Reibekuchen buffet! This culinary feast promises a variety of potato pancake variations that will enchant your palate. Each date offers the chance to plunge into the world of crispy delicacies. From traditional to innovative potato pancake creations – there is something for every taste. Translated with (free version)

🥗 Salad buffet with two types of dressing 🥖 Baguette & butter 🥔 Classic grated cookies 🍔 Grated cookies as a burger 🧅🥓 Grated cookies with onions & bacon 🧀 Grated cookies topped with cheese 🥔 Classic grated cookies optionally with: 🍏 Apple sauce 🐟 Smoked salmon 🌍 Heaven & Earth 🍖 Serano ham 🥓 Tyrolean bacon 🥓 Bacon 🍳 Fried eggs 🥩 Beef strips in cream sauce with market-fresh seasonal vegetables 🌿 Herb dip 🍋 Hollandaise sauce 🥛 Creamy horseradish 🍄 Truffle mayonnaise 🥭 Mango-mustard cream

Reserve your seat and prepare to immerse yourself in a world of taste and comfort. We look forward to welcoming you to this culinary highlight and experiencing unforgettable moments together.

From 18:00 Price: € 24.50 per person The event takes place in the main building.




Nov 06 2024


18:00 - 21:00


24.50 €
Remise Speisen und Getränkekarte

12.04.2024 closed. 14.04.2024 only open from 6 pm. (Closed Society)