Offers from the surrounding area

GolfClub Möhnesee

The GolfClub Möhnesee in the district of Völlinghausen, only 10.4 km from Haus Delecke, offers a scenic 18-hole course as well as a public 5-hole short course. Our guests pay a reduced green fee.

Frankenufer 13
D-59519 Möhnesee-Völlinghausen
Phone: +49 2925-4935

The Staumauer

A protected cultural monument and the region’s main sight. Built from 1908 to 19012, 650 m long and 34 m wide at the bottom. Crossing the dam on foot or by bike will take you to the Hevearm and Hevesee nature reserve as well as to the Arnsberg Forest

Phone: +49 2925-4935

Drüggelt Chapel

Built in the 12th century – presumably by crusaders – based on the Church of the Holy Sepulchre in Jerusalem. However, the location is believed to have been a pagan place of worship even long before this time. Concerts subject to great acclaim take place there at Pentecost now.

< 2.5 km from Haus Delecke.


There are over 600 architectural monuments in the historical Hanseatic city. Many beer gardens, pubs, and cafés invite you to linger. The people of Soest are particularly proud of their city walls. It is still possible to walk all around the city on the old wall today.

Bad Sassendorf

A popular destination in particular in the cooler season with a huge spa park, the SoleTherme spa, and a pretty town centre. Many shops may open even on Sundays and public holidays thanks to the special rules for health resorts and spas.


Arnsberg is a large district town in the Sauerland region of North Rhine-Westphalia. The old capital of the Duchy of Westphalia and the historic gateway to “the land of 1000 mountains” invites you to take a stroll or to go shopping there.


The platform of the 42-m-high tower affords a 360° panoramic view of Lake Möhnesee and its surrounding landscape. The tower is located at the Rennweg in the Arnsberger Wald nature park, Körbecke Südufer section, about 7 km from Haus Delecke Phone: +49 2925-4935

Seepark in Körbecke

Redesigned from 2014 to 2016, this lakeside park, formerly called the spa park offers another frequently visited attraction along with the dam. It has attractive sports and leisure offers for all age groups. There is no more comfortable way to get this close to Lake Möhnesee. Distance: approx. 5 km.

Game Park

The bridge pillars rise from the water like church pulpits in the village of Völlinghausen, giving the picturesque bridge that is almost a century old its name. The 2.4-km-long Möhneaue information trail starts here as well. The Völlinghausen game park invites visitors on leisurely strolls.

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