Vorhang auf für Mord

Crime Scene Dinner “Curtain Up for Murder!”

The actors Bogart, Marlene and Kinski are specialists in exciting criminal cases. They slip into the roles of shady characters, murderers, criminals and wolves in sheep’s clothing. Because evil also lies dormant in each of us.

The people in these three stories are no exception: a seemingly harmless married couple, full of love for each other. A company boss who only cares about billions in sales. An artist who would do anything for his career. The end of each case is astonishing.


Join in the puzzle!

Do you have good observation skills? Did you notice any special features? Were you able to memorize details? There is a “secret file” on each table for your notes. Test your acumen, it’s worth it. At this murder mystery dinner, you could also call it a horror dinner, you will be served one of four courses from an exquisite menu after each episode.

A fun competition! Before dessert, we solve the riddles. Which spectator table had the best powers of observation? A jump-off for first place ensures lots of fun for all the sleuths. At the end, not only the actors receive their applause, but also the winning table with the smartest minds in the audience!

Start: 18:30 to approx. 22:30 in the REMISE
Ticket: 84,00€


Apr 12 2024


18:30 - 22:30


Hotel House Delecke
Linkstraße 10-14
Remise Speisen und Getränkekarte

12.04.2024 closed. 14.04.2024 only open from 6 pm. (Closed Society)